mark webber, world champion?

webber won monaco and silverstone this year - very glamarous!

people talk. about the promises of the future and present, the dynamic duo lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel. they talk about the current world champion, jenson button, the tyre whisperer. and, of course, double world champion fernando alonso, at ferrari – a nice combination. they even talk more about schumacher’s unsuccessful comeback. but what about mark webber?

the australian is the current leader of the world championship, and he is driving the best car on the grid. and he has been the most consistent driver this year. three really good reasons to declare mark webber the favorite for this years five-way race for the world crown in formula one.

webber's spell at williams was not successful - and sometimes quite frightening...

but you do the lad wrong if you judge him as merely consistent. mark webber is actually really, really fast. he came into formula one in 2002, after testing at arrows and benetton in the previous two years. his first race was also his home grand prix, in australia – and what a debut! with the worst car in the field, the minardi, he managed a fifth place finish after successfully beating the toyota of mika salo. and it was his speed that impresseded the f1 circus and the media, mostly in qualifying. this earned him a spot at williams after two years of jaguar, in 2005. comparisons arose with the last australian world champion alan jones, who managed the title with williams, in 1980.

... stepping into alan jones' footsteps?

it was the first bitter disappointment in a career that seemed to be ending too soon. the williams years did not turn out to be a success for webber, who never even came close to be a championship contender. 10th place in 2005, 14th place in 2006. he was out of williams, and the career move to red bull seemed like a step back. an australian, free-thinking guy for the austrian energy drink company, it seemed more like a marketing move than a professional one.

it might be that the joke is on everyone. on hamilton, button, alonso, even on the team mate and more media-loved vettel. the world champion 2010 might be mark webber, in his fourth year of the growing red bull racing team. let’s see if he can handle the pressure of favoritism, starting tomorrow. singapur is his first chance to take the second chance – 30 years after the legendary alan jones.

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  2. Yes, please. 😉

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